Life Skills and Character Training that Elevate.

How can young humans be at their strongest when they feel at their weakest?
  • Faith Abandonment

    LifeWay Research found that 70% of youth will leave their faith in college. Only 35% eventually return.


    Americans' ratings of U.S. moral values have slipped to their lowest point in seven years. More than four in five now rate the state of moral values in the U.S. as only fair or poor.


    The CDC-Kaiser Permanente ACE Study shows that most people (64%) have at least one ACE. And children 0-18 in America remain the highest demographic in poverty (21%).


    Approximately 20% of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood. And nearly 20% of teens seriously consider suicide each year.

Resiliency training is one of the best ways to improve the chances of success.

Our four targets to strengthen young people are:
Belief in a Higher Power

Accepting human brokenness and embracing restoration is the first and last step toward the top. We help people understand how it is possible to experience freedom and peace.

Nobility of Character

A person’s nobility is their noble character and behavior. We help students develop qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor.

Family Discipline

We coach dads and moms with skills to keep parenting fun while not losing their children’s love and respect. Kids and parents learn about setting loving limits without loosing their cool.


We teach an active belief in the value of human life that practices benevolence and provides assistance to others, in order to better humanity for moral, altruistic and logical reasons.

Programs for character enrichment.

Our peak programs develop life-skills and character through individuals, small-groups, families, churches, and schools.

28 Lesson Study

One-on-One & Small Groups


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Eight Week Workshop



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Six Session Class

March 20 - April 24, 2018

Love & Logic

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Coming in 2019

Weekend Event for Character Edu


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Trips that lift you Higher!

Experience these life-changing trips that can give you a sense of adventure, purpose, and family-style bonding!
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Local Organizations we love.

Based near ChattaNOOGA in Collegedale TN, we invite you to join our mission to make this world a better place.
CAYA Youth
CAYA Youth
Collegedale Church Youth Ministry
Experience the joy of being involved with a spiritual community that loves young people. Collegedale is a Christian, Seventh-day Adventist, academic community nestled in the edges of Chattanooga, TN. Families move here to raise their children and take advantage of the schools. Join or visit!
Collegedale Church
Collegedale Church
Southern Adventist University Church
At the Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists, we want to know Jesus and experience His transforming power in our lives. We are seeking to be like Him by serving people and meet the needs of our community.
Blueprint for Men
Blueprint for Men
Men by Design
Blueprint for Men is a Christ-centered, relationship-based men’s ministry that educates, equips, and empowers men to move from isolation and brokenness into healthy relationships and wholeness. To be successful in life, every man must follow a well-designed plan, a blueprint. And just like a blueprint is a copy of an original, so each man’s life must be built according to the original, THE MASTER BLUEPRINT, Jesus Christ.
Adventist Education
Adventist Education
Greater Collegedale School System
The administration, faculty, and staff seek to partner with students and families to help each child develop a vibrant, growing, and strong relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to see that our GCSS children and youth choose to follow and live for Him each day. With this goal and proactive intentionality we believe that all the rest of the pieces that make up a successful school program will come into proper balance. In our academics, fine arts, athletics, social activities and community service opportunities we want to seek and honor God in all we do.


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