Following Jesus Parenting Booklet


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The Following Jesus booklet is designed to maximize your influence as you encourage young people to follow Jesus for life by:

  1. Providing a practical plan for how a nuclear family and a church family can unite together and work toward this common goal.
  2. Providing concise “Helpful Hints for Home” for every developmental stage along with a “Parenting Role”, “Parenting Goal”, and “Spiritual Goal”.
  3. Starting the plan at birth and continuing for life.

There are 18 small-group lessons that accompany this book written for a parenting Bible study that could work well in any small-group discussion format.  The lessons are inductive Bible studies that reference the Following Jesus book for application and implementation.  You can receive these lessons by emailing a request to


A Quick Reference Guide of Child Stages Do’s and Don’t’s for Moral Development.


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