Devotional Moments with Your Kids

How did my mother ever do it!?  A single mom with two boys, she put my brother and me through Christian School (an expensive proposition), gave us the opportunity to learn how to ski (another expensive activity), took us to church, and did many other things to give us the best life possible.

I know my mother was stressed out much of the time, but she didn’t give up.  First and foremost, she sought after God’s heart.  She prayed, and she kept at it, doing the best she could to show my brother and me the ways of God.

As you think about your family life, I encourage you to continue to do your best, and allow God to “do the rest.”  Here are four devotional ideas to think about:

  1. Pray with your child(ren) each morning before you leave the house and each evening before you go to bed.  Pray before meals too, thanking God for the food.
  2. Have a short devotional with your child(ren) in the morning or in the evening. Sing a few songs together that focus on the Love of Jesus.  Read scripture and talk about how it impacts your life.
  3. Play with your children.  Remember, “Like birds fly, kids play.”  It’s so much easier to pray together after you have played together.
  4. And finally, spend as much time as you can learning from the perfect Heavenly Father.  He loves you and is inspiring confidence and hope in your life.

William Hurtado

Pictured below three generations of women.  Thanks in part to my mother’s prayer life, my wife and baby girl are also set-up for powerful prayer lives.

three generations of women