Deuteronomy 6:4-7 Ideas

Here is a growing list of practical ideas on how to daily live Deuteronomy 6:4-7.  Enjoy!

  • As you are driving, conversations about billboards, store signs.  Link it into faith.
  • Have breakfast or dinner together–at least one meal a day together.
  • Think “everything is with my family.”  Do things with your family.
  • Let your kids see you in the Word so they know you love your Bible.
  • Listen to books or the Bible on road trips.
  • Dads sit down with their boys and talk about the evils of pornography. 
  • Use opportunities for comforting as a way to say “Jesus chose you to put you in my family.” “I know that God loves you more than I could ever love you.”  Link in faith to circumstances. 
  • Monthly or so, do a friend check.  “How are your friends doing? Are they still on a path to following God.”  Teach your kids to think about the choices their friends are making.  If they are making unwise choices, it doesn’t mean you are mean, it means you no longer invest in them. 
  • Randomly recite scripture or sing in the car 
  • Play worship songs in the house as they are getting up.
  • Morning and evening worship.  Have them occasionally lead out in it. “It’s your time to lead out in worship.”  They can write out the program and the kids get excited about it. 
  • Start reading the Desires of Ages as a family to learn the Emotional Intelligence of Jesus.



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