February 27, 2018

D2D – Discipline to Discipling

You were not meant to discipline your kids alone!  Learn skills that are not complicated.

You have the power to remain calm and choose a different method.

Learn how to keep cool when parenting heats up-tips for staying loving and in control.

Practical how-to’s that will affect your entire family and generations to come.


In a small-group style, parents, educators, youth workers and anyone interested in training for eternity will come together to support, strengthen, and sharpen each other.  They will use the Holy Scriptures and Love and Logic® principles which work for children of any age, even adult children.  

  • When: Fall dates to be announced after the Love and Logic course.
  • Time: 6pm Free Meal, must RSVP by the weekend before. Register below!
    • Free childcare available through advance reservation. Parents with kids of all ages are welcome!
    • 6:30pm-7:30ish – Learning & Support Session. Walk-in’s Welcome
  • Location: Collegedale Church, 4829 College Dr East, Collegedale, TN 37315 (park in the lower parking lot)
    • Meets in the lower level in the CAYA Youth Room.
  • Cost: Free!

D2D – Discipline to Discipling: The words disciPLINE and disciPLING are so similar it’s hard to distinguish between the two. This similarity did not happen by accident!  Only as we disciPLINE our children–as we establish the right foundation of friendship and authority, can we disciPLE them–train them to follow Jesus.  How can we disciPLE our children if they are not well disciPLINED?  That is why D2D is so important!